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On September 23-24 2011, Emprendae we embarked on our first mission to spread the word and work on green entrepreneurship internationally, through a collaboration with UNEP (United Nations Environment Program) via one of its regional activity centers in the Mediterranean region (MAP): the CPRAC (Regional Activity Center for Cleaner Production).

The event inaugurating such collaboration was held in Sicilia (Italy), at The Hub Siracusa. There, we facilitated a workshop on green entrepreneurship entitled “Making green enterprises work”, which purpose was to inform and train Sicilian entrepreneurs on the existing tools and methodologies for creating “green” businesses including: market opportunities, regulatory frameworks, the green business plan and the ecodesign approach.

Adding to that, several ethical financial organizations were invited so as to convey the need, and the existing possibilities, to obtain financial resources for sustainable projects with a social & environmental aim and yet economically sound. Seeking to proof the feasibility and impact of such projects, some successful stories of green enterprises in the Mediterranean area were presented, analyzed and discussed among the 30 participants attending the workshop.

On top of it all, the workshop included a contest for the “best” green business plan, i.e. the project with the most potential for environmental and social impact, innovation, while well-adapted to the local context and economically-financially viable. It was awarded to Paola Sturiale, promoter of the Anima Verde project.

The event was one of the first steps of the Mediterranean Green Entrepreneurship Program led by CPRAC, seeking to connect the Mediterranean entrepreneurial tradition with emergent green economic models, as a potent leverage for the development and establishment of a new sustainable socio-economic system in the region.



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